I would highly recommend taking a class from Denise if you're looking for a fun activity to do by yourself or with a friend--you will definitely learn something new! -Meghan, Tucson

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January 25 Vegetarian Tamales


Learn to make delicious, vegetarian variations of these classic Mexican specialties.  We will make a classic green corn/chile variation as well as a delectable black bean filled sweet potato version along with savory sauces and flavorful compound butters to 'gild the lily'.  Class includes hands on instruction, lunch, recipes and 1 dozen tamales to take home.   If you have an apron, please bring it, if not, I have plenty to share. 


Saturday, 1/25/14, 10am-2pm, $65

February 2 The Condiment Aisle

The consistent flavors of store-bought condiments are often so familiar that deviating from a favorite brand can feel like a betrayal. However, these homemade condiment recipes reward disloyalty with tons of flavor and complexity. We will be making several 'basic' sweet and savory condiments as well as some very cool and tasty variations. Whether you're a dabber, a dipper, or a slatherer, you'll want to make plenty of these for your next backyard gathering or for gift giving. Class fee includes recipes, a lunch featuring our finished condiments and some samples to take home.


Sunday, 2/2/14, 10am-1pm,  $45

Dinner & Song
House Concerts







Dinner and Song Event

with Small Town Gossip

6pm dinner, 7pm music

Dinner and Song Event

with Carrie Clark

6pm dinner, 7pm music

Dinner and Song Event

with Rupert Wates

6pm dinner, 7pm music

February 9 Sweets for the Sweet

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, visions of chocolate and other sweet treats are dancing around in my head.  Come indulge your sweet tooth with decadent homemade candy, filled chocolates, exotic spiced caramels and chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallow hearts.  Share with your sweetheart, or keep 'em for yourself.  Class fee includes recipes, light lunch and a pink bakery box to carry your goodies home. 


Sunday, 2/9/14, 10am-1pm,  $45

February 15 The PIES have it!

Sweet and savory pie perfection is what you will achieve in this super fun, super yummy class.  We will prepare an assortment of easy doughs for several different pies both dessert and main dish.  We will make some traditional pies, hand pies, jar pies and pie pops.  Class fee includes recipes, lunch and samples of pies to impress your friends.  


Saturday, 2/15/14, 10am-2pm,  $65

February 16 Pressure Cooking

Yep, the Pressure is on, but that is a good thing.  A REALLY good thing!  Are you are still terrified of exploding pressure cookers of old?  Are you frustrated with your slow cooker turning everything into beige mush? Have no fear! The modern pressure cooker is both safe and produces amazingly delicious results.  We will prepare a quick chicken soup, fall apart braised short ribs, the world's quickest baked beans, and a surprise dessert. All will taste like they've cooked all day.  Class fee includes recipes, lunch and lots of great information on purchasing your own pressure cooker.


Sunday, 2/16/14, 10am-2pm,  $65

February 23 Mole to Posole

Learn the tricks of how to make mole, cochinita pebil, red chile sauce and a quick and tasty weeknight version of posole. It all begins with the chiles, and in this class, you will learn how to buy, handle and use both dried and fresh chiles. Do not miss this opportunity to get started on cooking authentic Mexican food like a pro! Class fee includes recipes, lunch and a container of some hard to find ingredients we will use in class to experiment with at home. 


Sunday, 2/23/14, 10am-2pm,  $65

March 9 Hot Tamales!

Have you always wanted to learn the art of tamale making? If so, join the fun and learn to make tamales 'from scratch'.

On the menu will be both Green chile pork, and red chile chicken  We will be making each component of the tamales, including the masa, sauces and fillings.  Making tamales is a ton of fun but it is a labor intensive, FULL DAY process, so we will be starting PROMPTLY at 10am and finishing up around 4pm. Please come prepared to work in comfortable shoes, and 'messy' clothes, including short sleeved shirt and an apron if you have one (I have extras if you don't.) Event price includes lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day, detailed emailed recipes sent after class and each participant will leave with a dozen of each type of tamale.



Sunday, 2/23/14, 10am-2pm,  $75

March 15 The Spice Cabinet

Learn the secrets of using fresh herbs and spices to elevate your cooking.  We will learn which herbs and spices compliment certain foods.  We will also prepare a variety of herb and spice mixes which participants will take home. 



Saturday, 3/15/14, 10am-1pm, $45

March 22 Bhutan Dinner Party

Recently, I had the opportunity to cater a dinner party for clients who are planning a trip to Bhutan.  I fell in love with this unique, spicy cuisine and I would love to share some of the traditional Bhutani dishes with you in this class.  We will prepare an entire menu from appetizers to dessert.  Class fee includes recipes, dinner and an entry for a special door prize of Bhutani ingredients for one lucky winner. 


Saturday, 3/22/14, 4pm-7pm, $45

April 5 In a Pickle-Spring Canning

Our adventures in canning continue with the bounty of Spring produce.  In this class, we will be learn all of the basics of canning, including equipment, methods and will enjoy a lunch prepared with some of the finished products.  We will be making spicy dill cucumber pickles, preserved lemons which can be used in a huge range of dishes, a rich tomato sauce and either fig or spiced peach jam (depending on which look good in the market come class time).  Each participant will receive emailed recipes and will take home a jar of each item that we prepare.  This is my most popular class, so please don't hesitate to sign up.


Saturday, 4/5/14, 10am-2pm, $50

April 13 Thai Me Up

Imagine the flavors of Thailand... Thai red curry: lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, garlic, and dried red chillies.  Thai food is full of such amazing, complex and exotic flavors.  Come enjoy the tastes of Thailand in this hands on class and following feast.  We will be preparing soup, a massaman style curry, a Thai salad, and banana lumpia with coconut lime ice cream for dessert.  Cost includes recipes, dinner, and accompanying Thai inspired beverages.  Each participant will also take home a box of  Thai ingredients from class (lemon grass, galangal, thai chiles, etc.).


Sunday, 4/13/14, 4pm-7pm, $45

April 27 Rock the Casbah-Moroccan


Moroccan cuisine offers some of my very favorite combinations of spices, tastes and aromas. Please join me in a celebration of the unique and amazing tastes of Morocco.  We will prepare a beautiful and delicious feast of Moroccan delicacies and enjoy them together in traditional style.


We will be eating Moroccan style--on large floor pillows at a low table, so please dress comfortably and appropriately to be seated this way.  Class fee includes recipes, dinner and a small jar of preserved lemons to enjoy at home.


Sunday, 4/27/14, 4pm-7pm, $50